Why Should We Buy From Farmers Markets In Lieu Of Grocery Stores?

Why Should We Buy From Farmers Markets In Lieu Of Grocery Stores?

Do you know where your food comes from? Do you know how it was grown and raised? Do you know what type of soil it was grown in and if any fertilizer or chemicals were used in preparing it? Do you know if the meat you buy has added hormones or antibiotics?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, you’re likely not buying your food at the right place. If you’re buying from a grocery store, you likely don’t have any of the above answers.

By contrast, if you’re buying from your local Farmers Market, you know exactly where your food is coming from. Farmers Market vendors take great pride in delivering quality goods to the market.

Vegetables and fruits that are grown are sold at the Farmers Market are picked at their peak of freshness, which means before the Farmer came to the market that morning, they were out in the field, garden or orchard picking the food to sell to you that day at the Farmers Market.

Why Should We Buy From Farmers Markets In Lieu Of Grocery Stores?

You can ask them how they grow their food. You’ll hear that they use organic gardening techniques and which techniques they use. You can find out exactly how they prevent pests and how they fertilize their gardens without using any harmful chemicals.

You don’t want to be eating any residue of harmful chemicals and no matter how much you scrub those fruits and vegetables, if chemicals were used, you’re still getting some of them in your dinners.

Animal products that are sold should all be organic and raised without any hormones or antibiotics. They should be fed a wholesome healthy diet that also doesn’t have any chemicals in it.

Knowing where your food comes from is part of living a healthy lifestyle where you are more aware. You want to know exactly how those seeds are sown and you want to know that they are using non-GMO seeds for all of your fruits and vegetables.

Focusing on learning where your food comes from makes you more aware of what you’re eating and how you’re eating it. Stop purchasing canned food and grow your own or buy it from your local Farmers Market or produce stand.

Make sun tea in lieu of pricey sugary drinks that you can buy. Drink water instead of soft drinks. Choose only local or organic foods over other food choices.

Design and grow your own organic garden and forget going to the grocery store entirely. When you’re buying your foods from local and organic markets as well as Farmers Markets, your family is going to be happier and healthier.

Choose only non-toxic options and get these at your Farmers Market or grow your own. Leave the grocery store scene behind and learn to live life more naturally. You’ll be healthier and happier. Bring your own all natural grocery bags and forgo plastic bags as well. These are better for the environment and won’t harm animals.